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Policy question 34

How can cash transfers and additional programmes like agricultural interventions reinforce one another in their efforts to improve social protection?

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Roeland Hemsteede - University of Dundee
2018-06-8 11:44

I think the study mentioned already gives quite some ideas on how these programmes can reinforce the impacts they seek to achieve (see also for a more extensive discussion of this research).

What I believe however warrants specific attention - and which is ignored in the policy brief - are some of the constraints facing integration/complementarity of  programmes in Malawi.

1) Social protection, and especially the Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP), in Malawi is extremely dependent on donor fu... read more »

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Nicky Pouw - University of Amsterdam
2018-06-15 15:42

Current evidence from Ghana shows synergy effects between different social protection instruments are weak to negligible (see: In order to create synergy effects Ministries need to move beyond 'silo-based' thinking and collaborate across departments and beneficiary groups. At the same time, the transaction costs of the poorest to access social protection need to be reduced (travel & waiting time, fees payment, social costs). Last but not least, evid... read more »

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James Fasakin - Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
2018-09-5 17:32

This can be achieve if cash transfer is done through cooperative society. Rural farmers work together in a cooperative setting, with local opinion leaders.  They are protected socially by the strength of social capital existing among them. Level of trust will definitely increase, since it has been tested and is verify to be a social tool.

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