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Question of the week 21

What are the roles of government and private sector actors in enhancing productive employment, and how can they best be stimulated to do so?

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Reinier van Hoffen -
2017-01-18 14:05

Some time ago I wrote a reflection on this question at The Broker. Still relevant given the fact that the issue has been tabled at a breakout session during the upcoming Future Force Conference. Would welcome some additional remarks and reflections that would help further this debate. Can business leaders rule the world? Or do... read more »

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    INCLUDE Secretariat - INCLUDE
    2017-01-18 16:37

    Thank you for your reply. The questions posted in your article ‘The world is not managable’ published by the Broker are indeed still very relevant. Kellerman’s point of spoiled efforts on leadership has received little attention in the debate on inclusive development. The question is what this means for this discussion. Given that you published the article 4 years ago, could you elaborate on how you see this discussion today?

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Donald Kasongi - Governance Links
2017-01-18 16:12

The fundamental narrative about  Public Private Partnership argues that government representing the public should acknowledge the contribution of non state actors in mobilising resources and ultimately creating jobs. The simple rule following this narrative is that all actors in a specific context have to work together based on their differential competencies and comparative advantages in contributing to creation of jobs through a combination of resources.The combination involves financial capital , human capital and policy regulation.It is the... read more »

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