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Question of the Week 23

If a Marshall Plan were to be installed for development cooperation between Africa and Europe, what would be required to make this plan inclusive?

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Hector Niehues-Jeuffroy - Erasmus University Rotterdam
2017-02-7 06:34

The same logic of developing a Marshall plan with Africa, rather than for Africa also applies to inclusive development: in order to make a Marshall plan with Africa inclusive, it is not sufficient to make a Marshall plan for those in Africa who face social, economic and political exclusion - you need to make a Marshall plan with those Africans who are marginalized and excluded. The first and perhaps most important step is to give the excluded a clear voice in the creation as well as an ambitious role in the implementation of such a Marshall pla... read more »

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    Assefa Admassie
    2017-02-11 15:48

    It is indeed embarrassing to see why others are trying to propose solutions for African problems rather than the Africans being on the drivers seat. Having said that I think, I am not sure why it is called the Marshal Plan. I don't think it is equivalent to the Marshal Plan that played a critical role for the reconstruction of Europe. I think we need to think of another a more catchy and contemporary name for the plan. In addition, I am not sure whether it should really be called a plan since it does not have a time frame and the it is not clea... read more »

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Bill Duggan - Columbia Business School
2017-02-13 14:25

I spent more than twenty years working on African development, ten of those years
living in Africa. I fully endorse the shift to local business in African development. But beware.
Africa is a far cry from post-war Europe in one key respect: Europe had a thriving local business
sector before the war. The Marshall Plan helped revive it. Africa lacks the deep network of
institutions that a thriving local business sector both needs and creates.

The new Marshall Plan lists ten “starting points.” They are all fine, in the long run. In the
sho... read more »

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Rolph van der Hoeven
2017-02-22 10:32

I fully agree with observations of Assefa on the recently published German Marshall plan for Africa.

Having read the details of the German Marshall plan, I think also that  it is not a real plan but an intention document, with no clear funding proposal and no clear means of implementation.

It uses the we form, but from the text it becomes clear that 'we' means Germany or Europe, not Europe and Africa. The document would have been stronger if it was developed with input from African scholars and leaders.

An earlier idea of a Mars... read more »

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Desire Assogbavi - Oxfam International
2017-03-3 16:39

I have read the “Marshal Plan” proposal and would like to submit the following comments.

The document captures in a very comprehensive but straight way the current contextual analysis on the state of the continent, the real challenges, a ranch of ideas to tackle those issues and eventual role of African institutions, German government and other European partner could play.

I particularly like the strong connection and alignment of the proposal with the   Africa’s Agenda 2063 as well as a number of other plans and commitments done by Afric... read more »

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Paschal Mihyo - African Institute for Development Initiatives , Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
2017-03-8 08:24

I agree with Desire that the title 'Marshall Plan' is inappropriate. It promises a lot and the conditions that made the Marshall Plan succeed in Europe do not exist in Africa now. The private sector was highly developed there, the corporate culture was the same and policies were similar. Remember Greece was left out because it had a different political and economic nomenclature. Therefore in short to succeed and be inclusive I suggest the following:Thorough consultations should be held at regional and national level to ensure everyone understan... read more »

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Fatoumata Diallo - West African Monetary Agency, Sierra Leone
2017-03-29 12:08

1- Le document est bien élaboré et le fait de prendre comme référence l’Agenda 2063 de l’UA est une excellente chose. Toutefois, je pense qu’on pourrait renforcer le document en cherchant à voir de plus près les agendas des organisations régionales aussi.

2-Je suis d’accord avec Assefa et Rolph par rapport au nom du plan, je pense que cela devrait être pris en considération afin de trouver une autre appellation. On peut bien s’inspirer de certains points du plan Marshall mais donner le même nom à ce document attirerai beaucoup de réticence... read more »

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