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Question of the Week 25

How can a universal basic income contribute to poverty alleviation and other elements of inclusive development in Africa and what are its limitations?

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Shanta Devarajan - Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa Region - World Bank
2017-03-9 15:19

From Mongolia to Finland to India, we are seeing heightened interest in ... read more »

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    2017-03-14 21:54

    A prvotcaoive insight! Just what we need!

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    Hector Niehues-Jeuffroy - Erasmus University Rotterdam
    2017-03-16 06:24

    How would the cash transfer be realized if natural resource revenues are to be transferred directly to the citizens instead of being collected by the state? Would companies even be able to perform such a role and would they want to, considering that it entails a lot of administrative work? Could there be a role for development agencies here in the form of "neutral intermediaries"? Could the first change that you anticipate not be achieved more easily, e.g. by requiring the government to regularly publish information on natural resource revenues... read more »

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