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Question of the Week 29

What are promising examples of programmes that enhance productive jobs for youth in conflict sensitive regions?

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2017-05-12 15:19

Is a big challenge in my country Burundi. I think that the big problem is that the burundian youth does’t have a good vision and opportinities to lean how they can make their own business (creativity)

Program : It is better to elaborate a program for to build the youth capacity on Entreprenership and to learn them how they can How to mobilize funds for their own projects.

We have the experts and private society for help them but rigth now the youth doesn’t have money for payment to consultant.

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Laura Ralston - World Bank
2017-05-15 16:39

We review the evidence on what interventions work at raising the incomes of poor living in fragile states, and whether stimulating employment promotes social stability. We find that skills training and microfinance have shown little impact on poverty or stability, especially relative to program cost. In contrast, injections of capital cash, capital goods, or livestock seem to stimulate self-employment and raise long term earning potential, often whe... read more »

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    Gabriele Simeone - The ONE Campaign
    2017-06-19 10:07

    Hi Laura – I am Gabriele from the ONE Campaign, I am Policy Manager for Inclusive Growth. I read the paper you linked and I’d like to discuss with you how we can transform it into concrete policy asks for the G20 governments. Would you like to contact me?


    Best, Gabriele

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