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Question of the Week 30

What are promising examples of cash transfer programmes that improve employment opportunities for youth?

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Shafii Mohamud Egal - Master program Student of Ethiopian Civil Service University
2017-06-7 13:40

Remittance create huge jobs for youth special those who less level of their education, including Tailor, cash Counter, Cash sender, Cash receiver managing, wash mans, cash transfer, communication center Etc.

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Donald Kasongi - Governance Links Tanzania
2017-06-14 09:00

The rationale for cash transfer was to address vulnerability, based on the thinking that conditional cash transfer will justify focusing ,targeting and providing means for learning on what works .In practice , a wide range of narratives have emerged about what and how cash transfer can be a vehicle for broader poverty reduction.  Pressure has been mounting on policy makers and cash transfer practitioners to prove that it can be broadly used to drive pathways for poverty reduction.However, the emerging evidence is problematic, mainly because of ... read more »

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