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Question of the Week 33

What does your organization do to promote equal economic opportunities for women and girls and what are key factors in, and examples of, achieving results?

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Uthara Narayanan - Buzz India
2018-03-20 07:52

We evoke the @SelfShakti (power within) in women to become problem solvers by making knowledge, skills, and tools available around leadership attributes, financial skills, and business acumen.

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Adel Zolail - Water and Environment Center - FBLN - Yemen
2018-03-27 16:57

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you a lot to share me within your idea about the equal economic opportunities for women and girls.
In my opinion, I think the organization can do many things to achieve the economic equality for women and girls such as:

Making a study to analysis the problem reasons.
Raising awareness about the importance involving the women and girls (Gender) at various economic and opportunities
Increase capacity building programs for women and girls.
Support the programs which aim to improve relationship between the women, gir... read more »

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Donald Kasongi - Governance Links Tanzania
2018-03-28 10:06

In its classical sense  , empowerment should be felt and demonstrated by those "empowered" and not those supporting or facilitating  processes for which empowerment is an outcome. Economic empowerment of women and girls is rooted in the continuum from  life skills to economic skills.

Being development facilitators , we have learned that the bottom line is to determine the strength of life skills which is the foundation for self realisation and determination.This is done by conducting some rapid assessment and in some cases a full baseline st... read more »

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